Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi View Point – It is a spectacular view point with snooty misty mountain peaks and tiny burbling streams that runs down from the rock behind. The great panoramic view of the subterranean valley mingled with serpentine Ghat road is a ‘not to miss’ place while visiting Wayanad. The scenic beauty of this view point is at its full splendor in morning and evening. It is known as the gate way of Wayanad. It is the last portion of Ghat section, at an amazing height of 700 meter above mean sea level.

Lakidi View Point, as a whole, is known for its richest bio-diversity in Western Ghats and Lakkidi is renounced as Chirapunji of Kerala with highest rainfall annually.

Entry Fee:  No entry fee is applicable.

Visit Timings of Lakkidi View Point : Is open throughout the day. Best time to visit this View Point is between 7000 h & 9000 h   and evening After 1600 h to 1830 h 

Places to Visit near Lakkidi View Point: Chain Tree, Pookot lake and  Banasura Sagar Dam are the nearby tourist attractions.
Calicut to View Point : Calicut-Thamarassery-Lakkidi. Calicut to Lakkidi distance is 58 km, covered in 1 h 30 min.

Bangalore to Lakkidi and Vythiri: Bangalore-Mysore- Sulthan Bathery- Kalpetta-Vythiri-Lakkidi.  Bangalore to Lakkidi distance is 294 km, covered in 6 h.

Mysore to Lakkidi and Vythiri: Mysore- Sulthan Bathery- Kalpetta-Vythiri-Lakkidi. Mysore to Lakkidi distance is 153 km, covered in 3 h 10 min.
Nearest Railway Station to Lakkidi View Point is Kozhikode Railway Station (CLT), known as Calicut (CLT). Calicut Railway Station to Lakkidi distance is 58 km, covered in 1 h 30 min.

Mysore Railway Station to Lakkidi distance is 153 km, covered in 3 h 10 min.
Nearest airport to Lakkidi is Kozhikode (Calicut), known as Karipur International Airport (CCJ) at 68 km covered in 2h 10min.

Bangalore Airport to Lakkidi is 337 km, covered in 6 h 55 m. It is presently known as Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport (BLR).

How to Reach View Point within Wayanad:

From Kalpetta Town- Kalpetta-Chundel- Vythiri- Lakkidi.

From Sulthan Batheri : Batheri- Kalpetta-Chundel- Vythiri- Lakkidi.  .

From Manthavadi : Manthavadi-Panamram- Kalpetta-Chundel- Vythiri- Lakkidi.

Distance to Lakkidi

From Place Distance (in Km)
Bangalore 294 km
Calicut 58 km
Mysore 153 km
Kalpetta 17 km
Sulthan Bathery 39 km